Alpha State Visualization Techniques And Exercises For Goal Setting

Alpha State Visualization exercises for goal setting can help you achieve your goals more easily.  Here’s why

When you visualize your goal, you are moving a thought from your conscious mind to your unconscious mind.  Because the unconscious mind never stops working, and continues to churn away even while we’re sleeping, your goal starts to take on a life of its own.

It is as if you have taken a seed from your conscious mind and have planted it in your unconscious mind so it can grow.

There are many things to keep in mind if you want to combine the powerful techniques of visualization with goal setting.  Here are two of them.


First, your goal needs to be represented by a specific symbol.  This could be a close up view of the bloom of the rose bush you want to grow which represents the garden of the house you want to buy.

Then, visualize this image that represents your goal as if you already own it.  It is already yours.  You are in your garden, admiring your rose.   You are on stage in the concert hall in Salzburg, playing he cello.

Attaching an image to the goal and becoming part of this image often has the ability to direct the unconscious mind to an unfulfilled objective.  It is as if this objective nags at our unconscious, because it is an incomplete task that demands our attention.  In ways we do not entirely understand, the existence of this though in the unconscious prods us forward toward completion.

This is why goal setting that includes visualization seems to be more effective than goal setting without visualization.

And it is why your own work with setting goals should include some visualization exercises.

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