Creative Visualization Exercises

The best creative visualization exercise is the one you create.

But what’s the best way to start, and what best practices should you follow?

Start by visualizing something that matters.  Something that is meaningful to you.

Meditation techniques that have a visual focus will usually be most effective when there is an existing emotional connection to draw power from.

Start your creative visualization by selecting a simple object, such as your favorite sweater.  It doesn’t matter.  Because the visualization exercise will involve guided meditation, keep things simple.

When you start off, avoid feelings or emotions you want, avoid circumstances you would like to be in, or good things you would like to see happen to someone else.

You can graduate to these more complicated visualizations as you learn how to meditate.

Get comfortable.  You can lie down or sit up, it doesn’t matter, just as long as there is quiet.  This quiet does not have to be absolute.  Natural sounds are fine.  Crashing surf, chirping birds, the wind rustling through trees, each is fine.

Relax.  Focus on your breathing.  Draw yourself into the contour and the feeling of every breath.  Concentrate on the extremities of your body.  Let lingering stress burn out of your toes and your fingers.  Imagine the breathing burning it away, over and over, again and again, smoothly, rhythmically, powerfully.

Take deeper and deeper breaths.  Shift your concentration from your toes and let the breathing relax you.

You are inhaling positive energy and you are exhaling negative energy.

The first few times you use this creative visualization exercise, count backwards from 100 to 1, one number for each breath in, one for each breath you exhale.

Soon, you can reduce this number.

When you reach a state of relaxation, bring the object you have chosen to visualize into your mind.

Some people, such as Jose Silva, suggest that you pull it in onto a mental screen, moving the object from left to right.  Keep the mental image of this object fixed on your mental screen.  Concentrate on it.  Try to see every imaginable detail.

This kind of a meditation exercise, which uses guided imagery, is the cornerstone of a creative visualization exercise you can modify and shape to become your own.

As you learn how to meditate with a technique that works for you, be patient, don’t pressure yourself, and don’t get upset if you find that your thoughts wander.

Anyone who spends time on meditation exercises will tell you that patience, practice, and enjoying the process are essential.

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