Electromyography And Visualization

Visualization and science have an awkward relationship.  Because nobody can explain exactly how and why visualization exercises work, scientists are trying to unravel the clues.

One of the tools they are using is

In real time, the EMG shows the electrical impulses sent from motor neurons to specific muscles.

EMG is often used to diagnose neuromuscular disease. But it has also been used to try and better understand the connections between thoughts and actions.

Author Lynne McTaggart wrote about a team of skiers that went through mental rehearsals and visualization exercises for their training being given an EMG.

As the skiers went through their runs in their mind, Ms. McTaggart explains that the EMG found…

“…the electrical impulses heading to their muscles were just the same as those they used to make turns and jumps while actually skiing the run. The brain sent the same instructions to the body, whether the skiers were simply thinking of a particular movement or actually carrying it out. Thought produced the same mental instructions as action did.”

Fascinating stuff.  “Thought produced the same mental instructions as action.”

This is obviously just one instance.  Neuroscientists are hardly in a position to explain, endorse or express a validated belief in the power of visualization.

But the data of the electromyography, the EMG data, gives researchers much to consider as the scientific community continues to explore visualization.

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