How to Create a Visualization Plan

Visualization techniques and exercises can be very effective when they all roll up into a single goal.

Returning again and again to create a single, vivid mental image of the thing you have chosen to symbolize your goal is a powerful practice.  This repetition can send a message to the unconscious that this image is important and deserves attention, and may unlock some of the powers of the unconscious mind to go to work on making your goal a reality.

A key benefit of this process:  it’s felt that the unconscious processes images more effectively than it processes words.

To make sure that your visualization exercises are consistently focused on the same goal, or a series of complimentary goals, it is good to have a plan.  The techniques that you use can be different, but the purpose of your visualization exercises should have a clear objective.

Why not make this objective the achievement of your goals?

To create a plan, start with a schedule.  Ideally, your visualization plan gives you three opportunities a day for your brain waves to slow down and simmer into an alpha state so you can create powerful imagery.

Once in the morning and once at night shouldn’t be difficult.  It’s the middle of the day that’s tough.  But even a brief visualization exercise where your brain waves do not completely ease into alpha can be helpful.

The other piece of the plan: keep the images you are visualizing consistent.  If you are working on one major goal, this is easy.  Every time you visualize, work with the same image.  Do not rotate different images in and out for the same goal.

But you can easily and effectively use different visualization sessions for different goals, as long as the number of goals is small, say, three or four.  Use a different image to represent each goal, and keep them consistent.

The challenge is to stick with it.  Make your visualization exercises something you keep an appointment with each day, and you will be rewarded.

This is why it’s a good idea to have a plan.  If you can connect all of your visualization exercises, and weave them together, then you are building a path that can help lead you toward the achievement of your goals.

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