How To Easily Practice Visualization Exercises 3 Times a Day

Why should you get in the habit of practicing visualization exercises three times a day?

Impact.  The routine of practice will provide better results.  This is especially true when you start to work on visualization, because it takes practice to be able to keep a single image in your mind without another thought barging in and luring you away from this image.

If you are more or less in a nine to five work schedule, try this.  Visualize once in the morning, once in the middle of the day, and once before you drift off to sleep.

You might find it difficult to visualize in the middle of the day.  You might not have a place to find some quiet.

One way to work around this is to do a brief visualization exercise just before you start work or right after you’re done for the day.  You could do this sitting in your car.

But sometimes, schedules make it difficult to do three visualizations a day, so do two of them during the workweek and three on your days off.

The important part of the visualization technique is to stick with it.  Consistency is important.  When you practice meditation and visualization, it gets easier, your images become more vivid, and you spend less time going into a meditative state where your brainwaves have been slowed down.

The concentration that is such a challenge to achieve comes with this practice, and concentration is hard work.  There is no sugar-coating this fact.  Concentration, especially at first, can be extremely difficult, so visualization three times a day is the best way to start.

Discipline yourself to keep this routine.  It will be difficult, just as any new habit is challenging.  But keep going, because the visualization becomes easier, and the concentration gradually becomes less difficult.

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