How to Turn Off the Noise for Powerful Visualization

Visualization techniques work best when your mind is quiet, and when it is focused on the here and now.

This is why paying attention to your breathing is such an effective visualization technique.

But being in the present, and turning down the volume on all those intrusive thoughts clamoring for attention in your mind isn’t easy.  These are two of the most common obstacles to visualization.

British author Lynne McTaggart has a suggestion.

You will need to choose the right time and place, quiet your mind, learn how to focus, entrain yourself with the object of your intention, visualize, and mentally rehearse.

Here are two good techniques for being able to “quiet your mind.”

1. When you do something that normally happens without giving it much thought, give it all the thought you can.  If you are loading the dishwasher, don’t think about when you’ll have time to pick up the dry cleaning.  Think about where you will put the pitcher so there is still enough room for the platter.  Think about nothing except loading up the dishwasher.

When you are at your computer, stand up, close your eyes, and breathe.  Give your eyes a rest, and your conscious mind a time out.  Take this thirty second break to concentrate on your breathing and slow everything down.

If you’re stuck in a cubicle, and a thirty second computer break is going to draw some stares, just get up and take a walk.  The simple act of changing your location can change your thought patterns.

2. Practice simple observation.  There are things you see every day that you don’t take notice of.  What color is the front door of your next door neighbor’s house?  What is the name of the street you drive by a block before you turn into the parking lot at the supermarket?

Paying attention to these things gets you in the habit of placing greater importance on the moment, and quieting your mind.

Quiet minds add strength to your visualization techniques.  With practice, your visualizations will become stronger, and the chatter in your mind will grow softer.
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