How to Use a Mental Screen for Your Visualization Exercises

When you visualize, and when you are working with mental images, it is good to have a place to put these images.

Because your goal is to visualize an image with the greatest clarity and detail your imagination is capable of creating, putting these images onto a screen, your own imaginary HDTV monitor can be effective.

The process you can use with your exercises is simple.

  • When you are relaxed for your visualization exercise, keep your head tilted at a 45 degree angle
  • Eyes closed, image a big HDTV screen four to six feet away from you
  • Make the screen big enough to almost fill up your entire field of vision
  • Give this screen a definite border

That’s it.  Create the screen, then create the image and visualize the image on the screen.

This simple technique can make your visualization exercises easier and more effective.

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