How To Use Core Values To Visualize Positive Outcomes

When you are working on your goals, and using visualization techniques to sharpen these goals so you can see and feel what achieving them will be like, it is often helpful to make sue that the goals you visualize are closely tied to your core values.

Core values are all about what we stand for. Because they construct the foundation of our beliefs, they are powerful, and they are relevant. This makes them essential ingredients in the process of setting goals.

When you visualize a goal, see yourself doing two things. First, in your minds’s eye, see yourself achieving this goal. All of the vivid imagery, all of the detail you can bring to the event, and yourself taking part.

But also make an effort to link this goal to one of your core values. The actual visual representation of this is driven by your own creativity. It can be as simple as a rope, a path, a paperclip, anything that symbolizes a connection.

Before you start your visualization exercise, select a core value that you will connect to your goal. If this is a struggle, think about all of the different things your core values do, all the different aspects of your life they touch, and select one to use for the connection.

Here is a brief list of core value ideas to help. Core values…

  • Define and navigate personal relationships
  • Bring clarity to our identity
  • Determine business practice and process
  • Regulate our approach to time management and setting priorities
  • Help us figure out what is important

There’s more that core values do, impacting everything from our curiosity and thirst for learning, to the ways that we share information and teach.

Not many of us can sit down and on command, write down this list of our own core values. But all of us have at least an idea of what we hold to be important, and what we believe in.

Taking just one of these values and attaching it to a goal in a visualization exercise has the potential to deliver remarkable results.

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