How To Visualize a Goal

When you want to visualize a goal, and use visualization to pull new power into your goal setting process, select a goal for visualization that fits these five criteria.

1.  It is important you.

It is not something you might like to have or be able to do… it is something you are passionate about, that you really want, and that you are prepared to work for.

2.  It is something you are ready for.

You can see yourself doing this thing or possessing this thing right now… it is something you are prepared to do, to enjoy, to accept with no hesitation.

3.  It is attainable.

It can be hard to achieve.  It can take years to call your own.  There can be stages to pass through.  But when all is said and done, when you visualize a goal, it must be attainable.

4.  It is positive and not negative.

Most people who have spent decades on meditation and visualization have found that thinking about what they do want, rather than what they don’t want, is more effective.

5.  It is stripped down to be as simple as possible.

When people start working on visualization techniques, the best way to develop the basic skill is the stare intently at something in front of you, such as the bowl on the table, fixate on one piece of the bowl, such as its rim, hold that view for a few moments, and then close your eyes and hold the view.

Repeat this over and over, opening your eyes and staring at the rim of the actual bowl once again as soon as the image in your mind has faded away.

Once your basic skills take hold, you can expand to more meaningful images.  The key is to plan an image before your visualization.  This technique will give your visualization exercise more power.

If your goal is to improve your tennis game, be specific.  Visualize the backhand return of the serve.  See yourself doing this.  Over and over again, see yourself properly positioned on the court, maintaining balance, making contact with the ball, returning it over the next.

This is not how you start with visualization exercises, but by using the technique of visualizing simple, static objects, and challenging yourself by moving up to more complicated visualizations, you will dramatically enhance your skills.  This is how you arrive at the point where visualization skills can bring new power to your work on setting and achieving goals.

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