The Best Way to Begin with Visualization Techniques

The best way to begin with visualization techniques is to start with something easy.

Create a clear idea of a specific and simple image, such as an orange or a triangle.  Focusing on shapes is a great way to start practicing your visualization techniques.

The object you practice with doesn’t matter.  Maybe you have a glass of water on your desk next to your computer.  Look at this glass carefully.  Pay close attention to its shape, its color, every aspect of it you are able to record.

Then, once you have decided which simple object you will visualize, use these fundamentals of all effective visualization exercises.

  • Locate a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted
  • Relax in a comfortable chair
  • Keep your eyes open and focus on your breathing
  • For a few minutes try to think about nothing but your breathing
  • If another thought pops into your mind, quickly push it aside and go back to concentrating on your breathing
  • When you focus on your breathing, try not to take big gulps and quickly exhale, but inhale and exhale through your nose
  • Don’t try to control your breathing, but be aware of it, and focus your thoughts on each individual breath
  • After a few minutes, when you feel relaxed and your breathing has slowed down, close your eyes
  • Shift your thoughts away from your breathing and focus them on creating a mental image of the object you have studied

This is a simple technique you can use as a foundation, a flexible foundation, for your visualization.

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