The Mind-Body Intervention Unknowns

When we meditate, a great side-effect could be taking place.  Improving the health of our heart.

Researchers took a group of 200 adults suffering from heart disease and divided them into two groups.  One group was told to mediate and visualize for twenty minutes twice a day.  The second group was told to spend two twenty minute sessions a day exercising.

The results:  after studying the health of these people for ten years, the people who were visualizing and meditating reduced their risk of heart attack and stroke by 66%.

Another benefit for the people who were meditating:  reduced blood pressure.

Robert Schneider, director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention in Fairfield, Iowa, says:

“What this is saying is that mind-body interventions can have an effect as big as conventional medications.”

But there’s something else.  All the unknowns.  Scientists simply don’t know why the meditation and the visualization works.


Cardiologist Michael Shapiro says, “Meditation can do a whole host of positive things;  reduce anger and stress, encourage happiness.”

And he adds that researchers “don’t know how it works.”

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