The Visualization Techniques of Jose Silva

Visualization techniques are an important ingredient in the teachings of Jose Silva.  Silva went to work developing his program after serving in the U.S. Army Signal Corps during World War II.

Jose Silva’s knowledge of electronics sparked his curiosity about the performance of brain waves.  He wondered if their electrical impedance, or opposition, could be lowered to improve the brain’s efficiency.  This question steered him toward a fascination with the Alpha Waves of the brain.

He developed a training system for people interested in this.  He wrote two books,  "Silva Method" and the "Silva UltraMind ESP System."

In “Silva Method” he writes about one of his students:

Tim Masters, a college student-taxi driver in Fort Lee, New Jersey, uses his waiting time between fares for meditation.  When business is slow, he puts a solution on his mental screen – someone carrying suitcases who wants to go to Kennedy Airport.  “First few times I tried it…nothing.  Then it happened.  A man with suitcases going to Kennedy.  Next time, I put this man on my screen, got that feeling you get when things are working, and along came another one for Kennedy.  It works! It’s like a winning streak that won’t quit.

Today, Silva Method practitioners use visualization techniques refined by Jose Silva to achieve a number of different goals, ranging from healing to IQ development.

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