Troubleshoot Your Visualization Techniques

Visualization techniques take time to perfect.  The first few times you try to do a visualization exercise, it’s not at all unusual to run into all sorts of distractions.

  • Your mind is chattering away.
  • You’re wondering if you’re doing things correctly.
  • You’re wondering what’s going to happen.

Just about everyone goes through this.   And just about everyone who is determined to master their visualization techniques knows that it takes practice.

Doing anything for the first time feels a bit awkward.  Recognize this when you visualize.  Remind yourself that simple repetition and practice will soon start to smooth out the rough patches.

Starting off, keep your visualization exercises simple.  Resist the temptation to rush forward.

Use the most basic ways to visualize, such as the Simple Image Visualization Technique to get started.  Repeat these exercises.  Don’t be in a rush.

Commit yourself to three visualization exercises a day and when the real world gets in the way, do your best to do two.

One early in the morning and one just before you drift off to sleep should be easy to weave into your day, no matter how busy things get.

What is important is routine.  Structure and routine where you can develop consistency and momentum.

This structure, combined with keeping your visualization exercises easy, is the way to go.  These two simple habits will make sure that your visualization techniques grow into something powerful, useful, and exciting.

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